The Sandhills Beckon is a true story about life in the Nebraska Sandhills. The story begins in Nebraska but stretches to Vashon Island, Washington where part of the family settled. The book deals with the McCoy-Bridgman Wild West Show and 1930 rodeo life. The tale includes a search for the ideal cow country through Oklahoma, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. There are episodes telling of one room schools, blizzards, murders, sand roads, bedbugs and people.





My father was a man born out of his time, bound by the constricting bands of convention.  Had he been born fifty or a hundred years earlier, he would have been in his element. He was miscast as a family man though he loved us all and was proud of us.  He would have been much happier as a loner, unencumbered by the necessities of a brood of children to provide for and educate.  If only he could have escaped ino the vast emptiness of the west far from pretentiousness, cities, and crowds.  He could have pursued the things he loved best, freedom, honesty, good horses, cattle and above all the opportunity to claim a portion of the Sandhills of Nebraska as his own.