Young bride, Hallie McCain, finds herself transported to the wild prairies of Nebraska to face the harsh reality of homestead life.

Set to spend an idealistic life with her handsome new husband, Hallie McCain finds herself transported off instead in the year 1880 to the wild prairies of the Nebraska, Sandhills. Only seventeen, Hallie makes a brave attempt at facing the harsh reality of homestead life far from the close-knit family and community left behind.





Chapter One
(1881-Dry Bend, Nebraska)

Hallie McCain lifted her chin to a defiant tilt and forced herself to meet the steely blue eyes of the tall, grim-faced man she had once vowed to honor and obey.  Their eyes met in a clamorous silence where words battled to come forth through a stubborn wall of pain and pride.  It was no use.  Words wouldn’t change anything, Hallie concluded once again. She shifted the sleeping baby in her arms so that she might offer a hand in farewell.  Will, however, ignored the small, callused hand thrust toward him.  Instead, he bent down , and with rough abruptness, pulled Hallie and the infant into his arms, crushing them to his chest for a brief moment then wheeled and strode out the door.