Leather Hinges

Young bride, Hallie McCain, finds herself transported to the wild prairies of Nebraska to face the harsh reality of homestead life.

Set to spend an idealistic life with her handsome new husband, Hallie McCain finds herself transported off instead in the year 1880 to the wild prairies of the Nebraska, Sandhills. Only seventeen, Hallie makes a brave attempt at facing the harsh reality of homestead life far from the close-knit family and community left behind.


Come Green Grass

Leah Clayborn is seventeen, newly orphaned and accustomed to a genteel life in Ohio. She arrives in Horse Flatts, Nebraska, in the year 1894 to make her home on a cattle ranch owned by a mysterious Uncle Simon she has never met. Intrigue, romance and mystery will grip the reader’s interest as the characters move through a tangle of sorrow, tragedy and love.


Prairie Wind

Widowed at nineteen, Leah Worth is challenged with being ‘boss lady’ on the Diamond C, a large cattle ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. Faced with motherhood without the husband she so deeply loved, while contending with the dangers and entanglements of the widespread ranch community, she is forced to go through the motions of living despite her broken heart.

When tall, broad-shouldered Louis Drake comes into her life, sharing a similar view on romance and remarriage, they become close friends. They face the dangerous challenges that confront first one and then the other. During the process, Leah discovers while going through the ‘motions’, she has been living all along, and a rich past can lead to a new love and an amazing future.


Shifting Sand

SHIFTING SAND winds up the Sandhill Trilogy, carrying the descendents of old Simon Clayborn through World War I. It gives insight into ranch life on the home front as the women of the family pitch in to fill the boots of their men off fighting ‘over there’. There is the aftermath as the returning soldiers deal with the transition from warrior back to cowmen. Romance and intrigue, heartache and joy are scattered throughout the pages.


Rustling Cottonwoods

Redheaded, mail order bride, Jenny Lindstrom, marries a stranger and within a few short months is a widow. Left with a homestead she is determinded to hang on to through conflicts, storms and a threatening bank loan, she has no time for romance..though two men think otherwise. Do either change her mind?


The Sandhills Beckon

The Sandhills Beckon is a true story about life in the Nebraska Sandhills. The story begins in Nebraska but stretches to Vashon Island, Washington where part of the family settled. The book deals with the McCoy-Bridgman Wild West Show and 1930 rodeo life. The tale includes a search for the ideal cow country through Oklahoma, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. There are episodes telling of one room schools, blizzards, murders, sand roads, bedbugs and people.


Face the Morning

This is the story of the Woodbine family as seen through the eyes of Marie, the eldest daughter. It is set in the early 1920′s, deep in the sugar beet fields of the Nebraska panhandle. We follow the Woodbines in their hard scrabble existence and their struggle to better their lives. There are heartaches and triumphs that will pluck at the reader’s heartstrings.