(Maxine Bridgman Isackson)

I was born in November of 1933 in the state of Oklahoma.  My parents lived there for three years after disbanding the small Wild West show my father and a buddy had operated for a few years.  Money was short and people were not spending it on such things as entertainment.  Getting food on the table was the poor man’s goal at that time.

There is more about the Wild West show in my book THE SANDHILLS BECKON.  I was actually born in a small log cabin (I and Abe Lincoln) on the ranch where Dad was employed.  Mother did have a doctor, such as he was.  Fortunately, I was a healthy baby and thrived.  When I was a few month old we moved back to the Wyoming-Nebraska area where we had relatives.

My first memory is at age one and a half and is an example of how early one’s temperament is developing.  I was digging in some soft dirt with a tablespoon my mother had given me to use.  There was no fence between our yard and the neighbors. This soft dirt happened to be on their side.  The neighbor lady came up to me and asked me not to dig in that particular area as flowers were planted there.  This meant nothing to a toddler.  It was soft dirt and fun to dig.  I recall my thoughts as the lady walked away.  I pushed the spoon deep into the nice soft dirt; I’ll dig here if I want to.  I do not recall the outcome of this incident.  It probably was not good.

I was usually the new kid in school as we moved often.  My parents were always looking for the greener grass on the other side of the fence.  My first venture at each new location if it was near a town and often it was not was to seek out the library.  AS the new kid I would find new first friends in books.  Like most children I enjoyed stories about dogs and horses.  My favorite Christmas present was a book that contained the stories, The Silver Skates, Black Beauty, and Heidi.  When I discovered Pearl Buck I read all of her books.

With a ranch background, I developed a love of the land and livestock.  Where ever we lived I became acquainted with some of the old timers and drank in their stories of the ‘old days’.  I would then spin tales for my younger siblings that I had acquired between the age of six and ten.  These three would listen to my bedtime stories with eager interest.  It was not, however, until my own children were, more or less, on their own that I decided to begin writing.  My father had just passed away after developing problems from Multiple Sclerosis that I decided to write the story of his life.  My sons and their cousins had never known their grandfather when he was living an active life.  Thus began my writing career.  I was hooked.  Readers loved that biography.  I then ventured into fiction using the tales I’d gathered through the years.  I also do freelance articles and short stories.  I have won the Nebraska Mother’s Short story contest and placed in the Bess Streeter Aldrich short story contest.

I have listed a couple of addresses where my books can be ordered in the printed form.  I hope to have them all as eBooks in the near future.


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Myself, my husband, Richard and our two great grandchildren serving  as Grand Marshal for our small town’s parade.

Our home in winter.

Cattle on Pasture

My Father – Howard Bridgeman

Myself and my husband a few years back